great pyramid k2019
The construction of the Great Pyramid and The True History of Humanity revealed

The movie

grande pyramide k 2019

the movie

director: fehmi krasniqi

director: fehmi krasniqi

world premier
28 september 2019 at 6h00pm
Club de l'Etoile Cinéma
14 Rue Troyon, 75017 Paris
Running time : 2H 45MIN

Speech of the director of the film
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Trailer #2
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Today we cut the granite with diamond-cut blade as is one of the most difficult rocks to cut due to its hardness.How could the egyptians, if it was them, have achieved those shapes in the sculpture sphinx of Sénousret made of Migmatite material, which is harder than granite? What was that extraordinary tool that made this possible? This example is what disputes all the official theories of egyptology. Dozen of questions now arise. Did the egyptians really have an advance technology that was losted over time? The answer is in this movie.Lucky is to understand that in 2019, we have a chance to learn how the Great Pyramid was built, who built it, and what its hidden behind it. Let yourself go and come discover the biggest mystery of humanity, the New Great Story!

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